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loading bicycles onto a towbar-mounted bike rack
Male Cyclist Loading Two Bicycles
Onto A Towbar-mounted Bike Rack
bike racks in a park Bicycle racks, commonly called bike racks, are used to prevent bike theft by securely attaching a bicycle in place, to transport items on a bicycle, or to conveniently store and carry a bicycle.  Indoor and outdoor racks for securing bicycles come in several styles.  Indoor bike racks are designed to provide safe and convenient bike storage in a garage or storage shed, whereas outdoor bike racks are often anchored to the ground or a solid structure where they can provide secure, lockable bike storage for students, shoppers, or commuters.

bike roof rack Older bike rack styles offer a means to secure one wheel, such as grooved concrete or forked metal, which allow the bicycle wheel to be pushed into place and secured with a padlock.  Cyclists refer to this style of rack as a "wheel bender."  However, this is not the most effective means for deterring bike theft, since the attached wheel can be easily removed from the frame of the bike.  A more recent version, dubbed the "Sheffield" (after the English town where it was invented), is made of square arches of thick metal, allowing the bicycle frame itself to be attached and secured.

A second type of bicycle rack refers to a device that can be attached to a bicycle and used as a cargo holder.  These types of racks may also include baskets, straps, and panniers, which are especially convenient for bike touring, or commuting on a bicycle.  A bicycle rack can also refer to a device designed to be attached to an automobile's roof, trunk, or trailer hitch to provide convenient storage and travel.  These bike racks may feature key locks.  Many city buses also have bicycle racks mounted on their front ends, to hold students' and commuters' bikes while they ride.  Additionally, bicycle transport bags and travel cases are designed to cushion and protect a partially disassembled bike during shipment or travel. provides access to selected bicycle rack manufacturers and an extensive bicycle rack supplier directory where you can compare pricing and specifications of various bike storage and bike transport systems.

Bicycle Storage Rack Manufacturers

bike storage rack
  • Dero Bike Rack
    Innovative bike storage systems for homes, businesses, and schools.
  • Cora Bike Rack
    Specialized manufacturer of bicycle parking systems that allow for locking the wheel(s) and frame while gently supporting the bicycle frame.
  • American Bicycle Security
    Offers a line of bicycle security storage lockers, racks, and equipment.
  • CycleSafe
    Secure bicycle parking systems for commercial facilities and transit systems.

Bicycle Transport Rack Manufacturers

bike trunk rack
  • Delta Cycle
    Features bike transport systems and accessories, cargo bags, storage racks, and more.
  • Thule
    Designer and maker of roof-mount, trunk-mount, and hitch-mount car rack systems.  Step up to a kindler, gentler bike carrier.
  • Yakima
    Manufactures rooftop, trunk, and hitch mounted bike carriers and accessories.
  • Hollywood Racks
    Manufactures hitch racks, trunk mounted racks, and bumper mounted racks for bicycles.
  • DraftMaster
    Manufacturer of premium bicycle roof racks and hitch mount bicycle carriers for cars.
  • Allen Bike Racks
    Designs and manufactures quality bicycle carrying, parking, and storage racks.
  • Rocky Mounts
    This Colorado-based firm offers an innovative line of rooftop bike trays and bicycle racks that fit both round and square section crossbars.

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unmounting a bike from a bike rack
Unmounting a Mountain Bike
From a Rear-Mounted Bike Rack